Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guidelines for drinking-water quality, WHO

Guidelines for drinking-water quality, third edition, incorporating first and second addenda

Volume 1 - Recommendations

The third edition of the Guidelines has been comprehensively updated to take account of developments in risk assessment and risk management since the second edition. It describes a“Framework for Drinking-water Safety”and discusses the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, including the complementary roles of national regulators, suppliers, communities and independent “surveillance” agencies.
The first and second addenda, which update the third edition, have been incorporated in this volume. The first addedum includes more guidance on management of emergencies and unforeseen events, additions concerning chlorination by-products and developing standards for volatile substances, and several new fact sheets for chemical substances. The second addendum includes more guidance on household water management, rainwater harvesting, vended water, temporary water supplies, and pesticides used for vector control in drinking water sources. It also includes a series of new microbial and chemical fact sheets. Moreover, “expanded” fact sheets are included for key chemical risks such as arsenic, fluoride and nitrate/nitrite.
N.B Text changes arising from revisions to the First and Second Addendum are marked by a thin and thick black line in the left margin respectively.

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