Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crits Notes on Water and Ion Exchange Available for Pre- Order

ISBN-13/EAN: 9780820601724
ISBN: 0820601721
Author: George Crits
Chemical Publishing
Book - Hardback
Pub Date: Sept 2012
1074 pages

Chemical Publishing has taken the well know and now fully updated Crits Notes on Water and Ion Exchange and organized them into an encyclopedic style reference volume, with all charts and illustrations re-organized and redrawn, all duplicates deleted and re-sorted in this pleasingly readable book.

Listed alphabetically from A-Z, Crtis Notes on Water and Ion Exchange was put together with over 50 years of water treatment field service experience. George Crits has produced a full body of work on ion exchange field maintenance which includes:

- his compilation of field notes, charts, and formulas, for the water treatment professional.

- real world examples, references and observations that are useful to the field service technician

- contact listings of suppliers, including specific company products and prices, and how they stand up under actual industrial usage

- tricks of the trade

- field exercises and experiments that are useful to the professional working in the water treatment field

- As well as observations and tips that George Crits has made and compiled over his long career of over 50 years in the field of water treatment services.

A number of real world examples with charts, illustrate how to set up systems for different types of water treatment applications in the A-Z Reference manual.

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